Ky Rang cave

Friday - 31/08/2018 08:58
Ky Rang cave

Ky Rang cave within the Thang Hen Lake System was also recognized as a provincial scenic spot in accordance with Decision No. 1325/QD-UBND of September 25th 2012 of the Cao Bang PPC. However, it should be included in the Thang Hen Lake System and the entire system recognized at international level.
Ky Rang cave (Geographical coordinates X=632648; Y=2518455; entrance elevation: 629m asl) is located in Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district, about 1.5 km northwest of Thang Hen lake, inside Ky Rang mountain and next to Ky Rang lake. This fossil cave is about 30m from the local corrosion base and is developed in two fault systems in NE-SW and NW-SE directions in limestone of Bac Son formation (C-Pbs). The cave is 417m long, about 34m deep, and 0.7- 30m wide; the ceiling height ranges from 1m to 42m, gradually sloping from the entrance to the exit. It mainly consists of two large chambers separated by narrow and steep entrances. The cave is very clean and airy. The speleothems here are large, beautiful and well preserved.

Plan view of Ky Rang cave

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