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The Global geoparks network supports a variety of capacity building activities aiming to distribute information and share best practice on creating and operating Geoparks, especially in underrepresented regions. The Global Geopark Network plays an active role in nurturing partnerships and the sharing of best practice between UNESCO Global Geopark and aspiring Geoparks. The main GGN capacity building activities includes:

The International intsensive course on Geoparks- Levos: It takes place every June since 2007 on Lesvos Island UNESCO Global geopark. The Intensive course on geoparks is organized by the University of the Aegean with the contribution of top Geopark experts coming from all over the globe. It comprises creating and operation of a theoretical background together with extensive fieldwork. The intensive course on geoparks aims to focus on the UNESCO global geoparks building and operation, on Geoparks’s contribution to shared and sustainable outcomes realted to tourism and environmental education-combining sustainability with community pride and benefit, economic development and new employement as well as geological natural and cultural heritage conservation and management.

The International intensive course on UNESCO global geoparks – Beijing, China: It takes place every year in Beijing, organized by the China University of Geosciences Beijing. The speakers are the top international geopark experts from the UNESCO global geoparks council, global geopark executive board and other institutions. The intensive course on geopark Management aims to focus on the UNESCO global geoparks management and operation, geo-heritage protection and conservation, geo-tourism, geo-education and sustainable local development.

Workshops and Meetings: The Global Geoparks Network supports and organization of special training courses and workshops on Geoparks in countries with few Geoparks to support the development and expansion of Geoparks in all continents.

The participation at training courses organized by UNESCO global geopark council plays important role to the development of geopark model all over the world. Geoparks are advised to attend these training courses. Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark attended the two training courses in Levos island UNESCO global geopark and in Japan. These training courses would help geoparks understand objectives of the geopark and develop their geoparks meeting criteria of the UNESCO global geopark model.

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