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From 24th-27th January 2019, the deleation of Les Maures Aspiring Geopark (France), paid a study tour visit to Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark to learn about the development and management of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp.
Ảnh 2   Báo Cao Bằng
Ảnh 2 Báo Cao Bằng

On January 24th 2019, The Steering committee met with the delegation of Les Maures aspiring geopark, France. Mr. Trinh Huu Khang, Vice Chairman of the Provincial steering committee, Vice chairman of Cao Bang people’s committee received the delegation and briefed on the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark. The designation of UNESCO global geopark title is the recognition of international communities towards to efforts of Cao Bang province in particular and Viet Nam in general in the preservation and promotion of natural assests that granted by mother earth.

The efforts in the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark have been highly applauded by international experts, which were demonstrated in result of the evalution mission for the UNESCO global geopark of Non nuoc Cao Bang and the 204th meeting of the Executive board of UNESCO in Paris in April 2018.

On November 24th 2018, Cao Bang province organized the Ceremony on receiving the UNESCO global geopark lable of Non nuoc Cao Bang. This is an important driving force for local socio-economic development, while lots of efforts and attention will be paid to the preservation of natural assests, tangible and intangible heritages.

 Mr. Jean Michel Couve, head of the delegation said that this would be an opportunity for the delegation to learn about the experience in the development of a UNESCO global geopark and discover the landscapes, geological, tangible and intangible heritage, especially the experience of Non nuoc Cao Bang in developing the application dossier and submitting it to UNESCO. Non nuoc Cao Bang, though it has just been developed in a short time, has achieved remarkable results, which is demonstrated through the designation of UNESCO global geopark. It is important for other geopark to learn experience from Non nuoc Cao Bang, especially its experience in development the infrastructure and geopark partners. Therefore the opportunity to experience the three routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang would be very important to the delegation. He thanked the People’s committee of Cao Bang province, especially the Management board of Non nuoc Cao Bang for the hospitality and organization for the field visit of the delegation.

After the meeting with the Steering committee for the development of UNESCO global geopark of Cao Bang province, from the 25-27th January 2019 the delegation conducted the field visit to the three experience routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp.

Source: Kim Cúc

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