Workshop on launching the implementation of the sustainable tourism development practice booklets

Wednesday - 21/10/2020 12:52
On October 9th, Cao Bang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in association with Cao Bang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development organized the Workshop on launching the implementation of the Strategy, Vision and sustainable tourism development practice guideline, and propsed some sample tours. The workshop was attended by representatives of leaders of some departments, People's Committees of districts and tourism service providers in Cao Bang province.
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Overview of the workshop

This activity is ponsored by the Irrigation Project - Wise Use of Water and Agriculture”- VIE036 with the objective to support Cao Bang in forming and developing tourism sector sustainably; assisting districts and communes in promoting the roles and responsibilities of individuals, private organizations relating to tourism practice and authorities to facilitate sustainable development in districts in particular and in Cao Bang province in general. Thereby, it might help transform Cao Bang into a green, clean and friendly destination while indigenous knowledge, culture are preserved  and potentials of the province are developed.

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         Ms Natalia da Cunha Álvarez – the interntional consultant sharing the information of sustainable tourism development strategy

At the workshop, the international consultant shared the vision and strategy of sustainable tourism development, proposed some sample tours, destination management, tourism product development based on the potential of Cao Bang, tourism promotion, negative impacts from mass tourism activities and the benefits from the implementation of sustainable tourism development in Cao Bang in general and in Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark in particular.       

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 Mr Vi Tran Thuy – National consultant, Vice Director of Non Nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark presented the development ofsustainable tourism plan.

In addition, the Naitonal consultant presented the  legal frameworkand practical experience for sustainable tourism development, proposed sustainable tourism practice in Cao Bang, individuals, organizations and local government authorities involved in promoting sustainable tourism development, recommended fundermental activities in the sustainable tourism development strategy and plan at districts level, proposed roadmap and pilot implementation approach in the coming time.

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       Ms Nguyen Thi Lan - Lan Homestay owner sharing ideas at the workshop

Participants at the Workshop provided their comments on the proposed implementation of sustainable tourism development in Cao Bang province.. Most of participants shared the common view that sustainable tourism development is essential for tourism in Cao Bang, and they did hope that this practice would soon be carried out in order to promote the tourism potential of Cao Bang.

Source: Khánh Linh

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