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Tran Hung Dao Forest is a primitive forest covering more than two hundred hectares. It is the place where the Vietnam Propaganda and Liberation Army was established on December 22nd1944 (the precursor of the Vietnam People's Army).
This is a living museum of space and time, as it preserves places and objects that are related to a very important historical period of the Vietnam revolution. It is closely associated with the life and activities of General Vo Nguyen Giap, who was the outstanding protégé of President Ho Chi Minh, and the "Great Brother" of the Vietnam People's Army.
Visitors to Tran Hung Dao Forest not only can learn about the history of the first activities of the Vietnam People's Army through many sites, but also can experience the beauty of the tropical primitive forest. The place is still pristine with cool weather all year, so is an ideal place for ecotourism and research.
Let’s go along the path to experience and learn about history recorded in this forest.
1. Place of the establishment of the Vietnam Propaganda and Liberation Army
From the central area, visitors can walk along the shady steps for 200m, then turn right and continue for about 10m to arrive at a flat place where the establishment of the Vietnam Propaganda and Liberation Army took place. Here, a Vietnamese flag has been hung on an old “Sau Sau” tree since the time of establishment of the army, and a memorial house was built in 1994 to record information and show respect for the first people of the Vietnam People's Army.
2. The resting camp and canteen of Vietnam Propaganda and Liberation Army
30m from the memorial house are two blocks of a rest house – canteen, simulating the old camps of the army. The houses are in the form of those built in the delta, including four compartments and two external wings of colored reinforced concrete. Inside the house, there is a replica of a row of bamboo beds to simulate the resting place of the team.
Opposite the rest camp is the canteen, where the story of frugal meals is told to express the determination and strong will of the army.
3. Spring wherefromthe VietnamPropaganda and Liberation Army took water for their daily use
50m from the resting camp – canteen area is the spring wherefrom the VietnamPropaganda and Liberation Army took water for their daily use. Around this area, there are still many old “Sấu” trees (Dracontomelon duperreanum), from which the leaves and fruits were taken by the army for daily use. Among them, there is a more than 300-year-old “Sấu” tree, which was recognized as Vietnam Heritage Tree in 2014.
4. Slam Cao peak
505 steps from the memorial house is the Slam Cao peak, which is the highest peak of Den Sinh mountain. From here there is a view in every direction: Phai Khat post, Phai Khat village and Tham Khau mountain in the northwest, Na Ngan post in the northeast, Benle post beside 3B road on the way to Cao Bac Pass in the southeast.
It was at this place that General Vo Nguyen Giap and the Command Committee of the army observed to prepare plans for the Phai Khat battle, which was the first battle fought by the army.
Slam Cao peak is a flat area 500m² wide. This is an ideal place to relax after a long climb to the peak, with cool air and beautiful landscape of the primitive forest

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