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Lung Noi traditional handy craft

Lung Noi traditional handy craft

Lung Noi Brocade weaving village, Phu Ngoc commune, Ha Quang district – one of cultural heritage located on the Northeast route – Experience history and Freedom. This is one of the tourist stop that visitors can understand more about cultures, history, faith and traditional practice of local people.

 Brocades are typical weaving and sewing products of Tay people in Cao Bang province. Brocades of Tay people are very well-know for colorful, eye-catching, traditional patterns which was passed from generation to generations. Brcades in Cao Bang are popular and quality brocade weaving products can be found in communes such as: Dao Ngan, Phu Ngoc (Ha Quang), Dan Chu, Duc Long and Nuoc Hai town (Hoa An district).

Typical color and patterns of brocade weaving products of Tay people in Lung Noi, Ha Quang.

The major ingredients  for brocade weaving are indigo-dyed cotton yard and dyed silk. Particularly, there are 6 main colors on a Brocade of Tay people including blue, red, yellow, purple, white, black. From these main colors, the weaver  concocted  strong  and light colors depending on the type of each product idea. The arrangement of patterns on brocatelle is various, resulting in special and different products. Typical patterns adopted in Tay’s Brocade usually are images of flowers, birds, animals …, which are very close to their daily lives, then mixed with clouds in the sky, mountains and rivers. These details make Tay’s Brocade of Tay people in Cao Bang different from  Brocades of Tay people in other locations.


Mrs. Nong Thi Thuoc the, a famous Artisant in Lung Noi

Till now, Luong Noi village in Phu Ngoc commune, Ha Quang district is the only area that still retains this traditional brocade weaving of Tay people. The woman in the pictures above is Mrs. Nong Thi Thuoc has maintained this tradditional practice for 4 generation and she is the first brocade weaver of Tay people who was awarded the tile of “Golden award for Vietnam traditional craft family” by the Vietnam Craft Association on August 27 2016.

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