Caobang Geopark


lang da khuoi ky 1

Khuoi Ky is the name of a special village in the Ban Gioc waterfall tourism complex, situated alongside the provincial road No. 206, on the way to Nguom Ngao cave. The village has 14 stone houses on stilts spanning over 10,000 m2, leaning against the rock and facing Khuoi Ky stream.
For Tay ethnic people, houses on stilts are sacred places for archiving distinctive characteristics of traditional material and spiritual life through generations. In particular, the Tay people in Trung Khanh believe in the worship of rock. Through many vicissitudes of history until today, in the minds of the Tay people, the "rock god" is still linked to people and exists for them.
Since the village is located in an area of abundant limestone, rock plays an important role in the life of the local community. Stone is used widely in daily activities of the ethnic people. Houses, walls and foundations are built of stone blocks. Stone is also used in building other structures such as fences, dams, mills and furnaces.
In the historical period 1594-1677, when the Mac dynasty ruled in Cao Bang and constructed citadels for defense, stone houses on stilts were erected as "fortresses". These ancient stone houses still retain their beauty and original appearance from the time of the Mac dynasty, and are a unique and colourful historical legacy in this border village.

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